Twilight is descending...

Slowly you regain consciousness. All around you the shadows lengthen as the day draws to a close and the Sun gradually disappears behind the treetops. You glance down and notice you are clutching a crumpled and stained letter in your hands. All you can remember is your last mission. You were instructed to deliver the letter to the Countess of Derby. The previous night you were sure that someone was following you in the woods near Colonia, but there was no one behind you. As you continued upon your way, he suddenly stood before you. You did not even have time to cry out..... You can still feel the stabbing pain from the bite wounds in your throat. You try to concentrate on your next steps, but your task no longer seems to be of any significance. All you can think of is your sudden, insatiable appetite for


Join ranks with the vampires or werewolves in their eternal battle for supremacy. Take over a colony and develop it into an invincible and highly productive fortress. Create the ultimate army that changes the tide in this ancient conflict!

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