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Browser games

The trend towards so-called MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) has massively gathered momentum in the past few years. In the meantime countless players worldwide enjoy this pastime on a daily basis! MonstersArmy is a strategy game with role-playing character that involves construction of colonies and outposts and production of troops which must be used efficiently to guarantee survival. The player can form an alliance with other players and thus expand the sphere of influence of his or her own virtual realm! But how do such games actually work?

The basic principle of such strategy games can be summed up in one sentence: Improve your infrastructure with diverse building types, perform research to provide you with new military units, buildings and special abilities and use all of the aforementioned to produce such a massively powerful army that the blood will freeze in your opponent’s veins.

In contrast to "normal" games, browser games require no installation and can be played with any standard internet browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome etc.). The advantage of this system is that you can log into your game account using any computer from locations all over the world and play the game. You can thus even keep an eye on your game account during vacation to ensure that you do not fall behind.

However, the contents of a browser game are limited by the capabilities of the browser itself. In simple terms, a browser game (and many other types of games as well) consists of many table, texts, graphics and a seemingly limitless supply of numbers. These numbers tend to be very prominent in browser games, which is not a bad thing, as many players find it fascinating to crunch the numbers countless times to optimise their gameplay and perhaps gain a small advantage over less well-informed players. This phenomen is not easy to explain, one must simply experience it in person! Take heed - browser games can be very addictive!

Browser games cover very diverse scenarios from many different genres. You can prove your mettle as a pirate sailing the seven seas, as in the game PiratesAssault, or you can attempt to take control of the known universe as an alien warrior in the game FreedomResist. Anyone can take control of such a virtual realm and match wits with other human players. Browser games often provide the chance to join forces with friends or colleagues to form a strong group of players. Such a group of players is called a guild, clan or alliance etc., depending on the setting of the game. The players in these groups work together and persue the same goals as a unit. For example, the players could build up a trade network or work together to conquer common enemies.

To participate in browser games you also need to have some spare time, since such games can often last for weeks or even months or years, depending on the game design. It is not necessary to spend many hours a day, but a certain long-term commitment is often required for successful participation! One must sometimes wait a bit to see the strategy ultimately pay off.

The following pages are intended to give you an introduction to MonstersArmy and explain the basic game functions to help you get started quickly and easily.
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